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Environmental Policy
Our Values
In each project, regardless of scale, we are driven by the pursuit of excellence. We are a creatively focused organisation believing that sustainable development enhances the quality of life. At the same time we are aware of our social, economic, and environmental responsibilities; we seek to implement appropriate design solutions, use resources wisely, and advise our clients accordingly.


Our Commitment

Place social, economic, and environmental sustainability at the core of our practices and professional responsibilities


Develop and continually improve practices, procedures, products, services, and standards that will enable the implementation of sustainable design


Educate our fellow professionals, the building industry, clients, students, and the general public about the critical importance and substantial opportunities of sustainable design


Aim to bring all existing and future elements of the built environment- in their design, production, use, and eventual reuse - up to sustainable design standards 

Our Business


We appreciate that in addition to our duty to our clients we also have a duty to manage the conduct our own business with care and foresight, and to play our part in securing our individual and collective futures. We will assess our performance, and develop and implement programs to deliver continuous improvement over time with respect to:

Energy and carbon


Materials and water use


Staff and community engagement


Supplies and purchases




Waste and recycling 


John Easton

Managing Director


October 2012


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