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Sustainable Development
SUSTaim not in the business of using your concerns about sustainability to moralise or to sell advice that you could have found in a book or on a government website.


We know that you get the message about the future of our planet. We do recognise however, that you might not be able to make a difference on your own.


That is why SUSTaim is here.


What we do


SUSTaim can equip you to understand and tackle the sustainability challenges that we face today, to define what our sustainable futures should be and to formulate a plan that will get us there; whether that is through the immediate delivery of a specific project or to support a process of longer term change.


We can assist with policy, practices, procedures, and standards development and can provide advice, assessment, research, training, and tools to support you across a range of sustainable development topics.


How we do it


We have developed a model scope and a range of methodologies to provide the structure for our services.


The service mix for each appointment is seldom the same however, and our model Scope of Service simply serves as a starting point for the discussion and agreement of your particular needs.


We can provide a copy of our model Service Scope on request:



Service Context


SUSTaim is a wholly independent specialist. We are not limited by being the division of a larger more traditional consultancy whose core interest lies elsewhere.


Our aim is to deliver our service as part of an integrated, coordinated project team.


But our particular capabilities and our operational independence also allow us to act with greater effectiveness to challenge and correct wrong thinking where we find it, and to pass on our knowledge, helping to ensure that the sustainability aims of your organisation and your project are properly secured.


We can also deliver larger and more complex projects; bringing together other like-minded independent specialists in related fields to build highly focused project-specific teams that extend SUSTaim’s capabilities and delivery capacity beyond our core service, enabling us to punch well above our weight.


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