about SUSTaim

SUSTaim is an advice, assessment, research, and knowledge transfer service founded and lead by John Easton.
The service delivers guidance from dedicated specialists who have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide practical support for the definition and achievement of our sustainable futures.

SUSTaim's services extend from management consultancy - supporting organisational change through policy and procedures development, training and knowledge transfer, through the provision of sustainable design and technical advice, to impact assessment including carbon foot-printing and BREEAM.

SUSTaim's services are underpinned by direct involvements in academic research into climate change and sustainable development, and its advice and assessment services are delivered through programs accredited by Carbon Trust, CIBSE, and the Building Research Establishment.

SUSTaim's expert services can assist you to comply with fast changing regulations, understand and meet relevant sustainability benchmarks and targets, save energy and resources, and reduce carbon emissions and running cost.
Frequently the savings made will exceed the cost of the service, and some of our services are grant fundable as well.

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