Sustainability Advice

Five key principles shape SUSTaim’s approach to design advice, which we seek to apply at each stage through discussion with the client and their project team:

we call these the 5Cs...


provide the optimal conditions for a healthy, productive environment for living, learning, and play through a low energy approach to design based on the principles of Adaptive Comfort


of resources, minimising our adverse impacts on the natural world and on our built and cultural heritage by the careful use and reuse of land, buildings, water, and materials; seeking wherever possible to repair and enhance our environment through the application of eco-design principles


minimum financial cost of initial procurement, balanced with predictable and managed future cost in use to deliver best whole life value


an ultra-low carbon solution, optimising the balance between the cost in emissions of initial construction with low operational emissions over the building’s lifetime, placing Passive Design principles and energy demand reduction measures ahead of reliance on complex, costly, and sometimes unreliable renewable energy technologies


combine all of the above in inspiring works of architecture in which ordinary people are able to do extraordinary things

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