Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter

SUSTaim subscribes to the UK Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter.

We will meet the fair payment commitments set out below on all new construction contracts and encourage those that we work with to do the same.


  • We will make correct full payment as and when due for all work properly carried out, or products supplied, in accordance with the Contract. We will ensure any withholding of payment due to defects or non-delivery is proportionate, and clearly, specifically and demonstrably justified in line with the arrangements set out in the Contract.


  • We will not deliberately delay or unreasonably withhold payment.


  • Our standard payment terms are 28 days.


  • We will issue any ‘pay less’ notices at the earliest opportunity and no later than 7 days prior to the final date for payment.


  • We will have processes in place to enable the effects of contract variations to be agreed promptly and fairly and payments for such variations to be included in the payment immediately following the completion of the varied works.


  • We will make payments electronically unless agreed otherwise.


  • We will adopt a transparent, honest, and collaborative approach when resolving differences and disputes.


For any issues concerning payment please contact.



John Easton

Managing Director


January 2015

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