Data Protection
Privacy Notice

SUSTaim process data for the following purposes:


  • Marketing

  • Contracts and appointments

  • Project delivery, including surveys

  • Personnel management

  • Purchasing, invoicing, and payment, including third party credit checking


SUSTaim may share data with clients and with third parties with whom SUSTaim is working. Where survey data is collected it will be anonymised prior to sharing with any parties who do not have a confidentiality obligation to SUSTaim.


Where SUSTaim holds data concerning you, you can at any time withdraw consent to us holding or sharing your data. Where consent withdrawn, we will delete the data as requested and will ask relevant third parties to do the same.


Personal data held by SUSTaim will be limited to business purposes only, and may include an individual’s name, job title, employer’s name, place of business, postal address, telephone number, email address, and website address.


Data held by SUSTaim will not be sold to third parties, and will not be transferred to be stored in third countries without appropriate safeguards being put in place.


We will correct or will withdraw on request any data that has become out of date or that we come to know is wrong.


Data will be held by SUSTaim until it is no longer relevant for the purposes outlined above, or you have asked us to delete it. Data will be permanently and securely destroyed after the retention period.


You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office concerning the holding or protection of your data, or you can raise a written complaint with SUSTaim by contacting the Data Protection Officer directly.


All data held by SUSTaim comes from publicly available sources. SUSTaim does not purchase or use unverified personal information.


SUSTaim does not use automated decision making or profiling processes.


Some data may involve statutory, contractual, or insurance obligations for disclosure. SUSTaim may be required to disclose data to a statutory authority or to an insurer or insurance broker on request, or may volunteer data to a statutory authority where SUSTaim reasonably suspects that a crime has been or may be committed.



John Easton

SUSTaim Data Protection Officer

April 2018

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